Freelance journalist, writer, performer, enthusiastic teller of anecdotes that may or may not have happened. 

I'm one third of sketch group Massive Dad, the occasional voice of the people that aren't the cast on Radio 4, and owner of which gets exactly eleven hits a year, all from me. I make three different podcasts with varying degrees of speed; Will You Read to Me, Badass Women from History, and The Debrief Podcast. 

This year I'm doing an Edinburgh show all by myself. It's called 'Primates' and it's on every day at the Pleasance This at 3.30pm. My grandma keeps saying 'oh you'll be ever so sad when nobody comes', so it would be very nice if you wanted to come and hang out with me. 

I'll be previewing all round London town in the run up so if you fancy catching it long before it's ready come and check it out at one of these nights and you can buy tickets here. 

Absolutely unrelated but entertaining videos: